Look What I Can Do Learning Center
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Take a Tour

Tours can be given during the hours of 800am to 500pm, typically earlier or later as well. Scheduling a tour is not necessary as we believe this is the best way to determine if Look What I Can Do Learning Center is the best fit for your family. We want you to get a first hand experience of our normal operations, as we do expect visitors at any moment. You will have the opportunity to meet with a Director and several teachers, visit multiple classrooms, view the playgrounds, kitchen and other important areas of our center. A Parent Handbook will be reviewed and provided to you so that you can have the opportunity to discuss the information with those that are important to you when making the decision of the best child care center for your family. We have the hope that Look What I Can Do Learning Center is your first choice for child care while also understanding that each family has it's own specific and individualized needs.

Although Look What I Can Do Learning Center is NOT a nut-free center, we often accommodate children with allergies and specific nutritional needs related to allergies and/or religious beliefs. If your child has a specific nutritional need or your family has specific religious beliefs, please discuss this during your tour so that we can best accommodate your family upon enrollment.

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Registration & Enrollment

Parents are encouraged to come in for an enrollment visit with their child/children. We will use this visit as a time to discuss our program and answer questions. We will give a tour of our center and assist with the enrollment packet paperwork, if needed. You can take the enrollment packet home with you and bring it back a few days prior to your child’s first day, at your convenience. For children who have never been in a large child care setting, this can be difficult. We will work closely with your family to make this an easier transition.

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Waiting Lists

Once you and your child have visited the center and received a copy of the handbook, we will place your child on the appropriate classroom waiting list, given there are no open spots at that time. You will be contacted by phone upon an available space and given the opportunity to accept enrollment. If we do not hear back from you within one business day the spot will be offered to the next child on that list. As your child grows, his/her name will be moved to the appropriate waiting list of the next classroom and placed on the list by date of application. If you are not in need of child care at the time you receive the call, you can remain on the waiting list. However your child’s name will be moved to the bottom of the list.

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General Information

  • Call us at 870-934-0322 and press # to listen to our pre-recorded Information Line! Call regularly to stay up-to-date on the happenings at Look What I Can Do Learning Center.
  • Ensuring that any person taking a child from the center is safe and permissible from the parent/guardian who enrolled the child is a requirement of Look What I Can Do Learning Center and will be strictly enforced. This is a safety concern for the protection of the children, staff & parents. Due to this reason, photo identification will be required at pick-up until staff is familiar with the pick-up person.
  • Meal menus are located in the offices for viewing as well as on this website.
  • Birthdays are something that can make a child feel special and extra loved! We encourage parents to bring a special snack for your child’s birthday and any other decorations you wish! We do however ask these items be store, deli, or bakery prepared items! Please no latex or plastic balloons, as these can be a choking hazard. Foil balloons are allowed. Please keep in mind some children do have allergies. Your child’s teacher can assist you in notification if there is a concern related to a specific allergy of children in your child’s classroom.
  • Look What I Can Do Learning Center provides plentiful parent involvement activities throughout the year including holiday parties, special family events and teacher requested classroom activities. We encourage parents to visit or volunteer in the classrooms to become more involved in your child's experiences!
  • Professional school pictures will be taken two or more times per year. Picture packages are offered with various pricing options.
  • As of January 2017, Look What I Can Do Learning Center has a licensed capacity of 294 children. We employee over 50 staff members and have 2 Directors & 4 Managers on-site which includes the Owners direct daily involvement as members of Management.

How Are We Doing?

We strive to provide the absolute best in child day care services.  We value your feedback and use it to guide the direction of our day care center.  Please use the form, below, to leave your review of our work. Any information may be used and featured on our website or other online forums.

Your child's early years are milestones to growing and developing essential skills. Our facility offers a plentiful variety of books, toys and colorful decor to ensure that your little one has a pleasant surrounding to explore. View photos here.