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Joshua in Jonesboro, AR *****
Our oldest went here years ago for about 4 years. Currently our youngest attends and has for the last year and a half. We've only ever had a few minor concerns arise, all of which the staff corrected within 24hrs. We've never had any issue speaking our concerns with the teachers, staff, or managers and have felt mutual respect during any conversation. We have had no major issues out of staff or teachers. We have not seen any staff or teachers playing on phones while watching children. As far as the tuition cost, you get what you pay for. Arkansas voted in a minimum wage increase that impacts private businesses more than you think. This school provides teachers with education in teaching your little ones. They have a curriculum that focuses on engagement of your little ones and promotes creative thinking by teaching them things they need to know for kindergarten and life in general. They have an app where the teacher of the class and staff engage with the parents throughout the day. They are well established, and care about your young one. We wish everyone could have the experience we have, as our children have flourished at this daycare. Our youngest knew his alphabet, could count to 100, Spanish 1-10, most shapes, and most basic colors, before he was 4 yrs old. They also worked with us on potty training so that the plan we were implementing at the house complimented the plan they used at the school. Again, 100% success long before 4 yrs old. I've delt with other daycares and therapy clinics from Paragould through Jonesboro area and this is by far the best I've seen. This is not a teenager watching a room full of kids, these are educated teachers, teaching your young ones. So if you are trying to decide whether or not you should check out this business, please know, that while it is considered a daycare, it's more like a kids academy. There is plenty of fun and love, but they learn as well. We have no complaints and rate this business as the best in NEA
Sky in Paragould, AR *****
I love being a part of the team here and love that my daughter had a great time here. She loves her teacher and is always excited to walk into her classroom!!
Nicole in Brookland, AR *****
My children started LWICD in 2017. I had one starting as a newborn and one as a 3 year old. The teachers have always been phenomenal in updating us about the kids’ days! When my youngest child got real sick and was hospitalized the staff and owners were so sweet in messaging, calling, and texting us for updates. You can tell that the staff really care about the children!! We are beyond blessed to have such great teachers that have taught our children so much! Choose LWICD!! You definitely won’t regret it!!
Carley in BROOKLAND, AR *****
My daughter, Sydnee, smiles as soon as we walk into the door to go to school. We absolutely love her teachers, and they are so good to her. We love Look What I Can Do! It makes a new momma have so much confidence leaving her little one! Thank you for everything you do!
Ashlee in Jonesboro, AR *****
They take care of your child like family. Thank you for everything
Monica in Brookland, AR *****
I was a nervous momma sending my baby to LWICD but Aubree did great! They worked with me and I came in and nursed Aubree during the day! They draft the tuition and make it as easy as they can for any momma! They are happy faces with happy hearts!
Kristen in Jonesboro, AR *****
Braxton loved going to LWICD! The staff was amazing, and he made a lot of great friends, some of which are going to be in his class this year. I always felt safe leaving him there, which is a big deal. The only thing I would say is that I wish the school age program would stick around! 10/10 would recommend!
Lindsey in Jonesboro, AR *****
Thank you for taking care of, loving on, being kind to, being patient with, and educating Mila Grace. I will forever be thankful for you ladies at Look What I Can Do Learning Center, LLC for taking care of our sweet girl. Seeing Mila get excited about seeing you ladies every day made my heart happy and gave me a level of comfort that every parent hopes for. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do! You truly make a difference, not only in the lives of children, but society as a whole! We will miss you so much!
Elizabeth in Jonesboro, AR *****
My son started attending LWICD when he was about 7 months old. We had had a lot of problems at his previous daycare with the teachers changing almost daily. Because of this, my son was not kept on a schedule and problems occurred. This was unacceptable and we immediately started looking for a new daycare. My older children attend Brookland Schools and when I asked around everyone said we had to check out LWICD. After touring, we were very pleased and quickly signed him up to start. My son started in the infant building. It went really well and we were very happy with the decision to change schools for our son. At 14 months, our son moved up in age group and one of our new teachers left LWICD so we saw some teacher changes. I could tell everyone was working hard to get the positions filled and the Management did well with communicating with us during this time. I understand sometimes people change jobs and with this time our son was still very well cared for and happy. Soon a new teacher came and things were back on a good track. My son needs routine and he does best when he is comfortable and knows everything and everyone around him. WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS!!!! I feel like they work so well together!!! I feel they each treat us with love, kindness, and respect. My son has thrived! He is talking, eating, communicating, singing, dancing, even trying to potty train some. He has become so confident and grown up tremendously. I feel this is because LWICD is like a well oiled machine and I know this is due to the amazing teamwork that they have overall!
JuliAnn in Brookland, AR *****
LWICD was a lifesaver when we moved to Brookland. Then the more we learned and the more comfortable our son became, the more we loved them! They helped him learn and grow in ways that were unexpected and welcome! Like learning to count in Spanish even before he started Kindergarten. Absolutely our favorite daycare we have ever used. And so sweet to all the kids!
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