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About Our Campus

Look What I Can Do Learning Center Facts:

Opening date was March 25th, 2013 with only 8 children enrolled and a licensed capacity of 101 children. Within six months, 101 children were enrolled filling the building. On August 4th, 2014 the second building was added totaling 187 licensed capacity. The third building opened on May 31st, 2016 and a new licensed capacity increased to 288. A fourth building specifically for administrative space was built in 2017. In 2022, a remodel occurred to increase space for infants and toddlers. The new licensed overall capacity of the campus is 308. Look What I Can Do has been voted as Best Childcare Center/Daycare by multiple voting sources as well as Best of Northeast Arkansas.

Look What I Can Do Learning Center serves children from birth through Pre-K on a full-time basis and K-2nd for before/after school care and summer care.

In 2019, Mrs. Aubrey Carter became the Program Director over the Look What I Can Do Campus along with a Management Team assisting.


Meet our Program Director

Meet Mrs. Aubrey Carter - Our Program Director

My name is Aubrey Carter, and I am 28 years old. I have a daughter named Landrey, who was born May of 2019. Landrey also attends LWICD, and I couldn’t imagine her being anywhere else! I have been happily married to my husband since April of 2016. In my free time I enjoy shopping, swimming, crafting shirts, planning for anything and everything, and most of all spending time with my beautiful family. We have four fur babies: two dogs (Jaxson and Molly) and two cats (Alfie and Baby Star.)
I first began working in child care in 2015 at a CHMS facility as a Mental Health Paraprofessional. I worked with all ages, but preschool was where I learned I was best. I worked directly in the classroom targeting the children’s goals for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Mental Health. We formed our curriculum to help master these skills. From this position I was promoted to Administrative Assistant, which I did for a year. I missed being in the classroom, but I also quickly discovered there was a much more needed way for me to help the families and children in our care beyond being in a room.
In 2017, I began working at another CHMS facility as a Referral Manager. I absolutely loved this job, but I dearly missed the interaction with the children. I had the need to be able to do more, and make a difference for the children directly.
In 2019, I began working at LWICD as the Preschool Building Manager. I absolutely LOVED this job!!! I enjoyed waking up and coming to work every day to see the children and the staff. I enjoyed that I had the ability to help classrooms operate at their potential, but also still got to help children grow and meet goals and milestones! I was able to help teachers with their curriculum, assessments, and make plans to help the children when needed.
In March of 2020, I was promoted to the campus Program Director. This role allows me much more flexibility to be able to be directly involved with all the children in staff with us daily. I am able to ensure our quality of care is where we need it, and be more available to parents who have any questions or concerns. To put it simply, I absolutely LOVE my job!
As a mom, I want to send my child daily and know that she is cared for and loved just as much as we do at home. I want to feel comfortable leaving my child, and know when I leave her that she is going to be well taken care of. I want her boo-boos to be soothed, and if she has a bad dream to be comforted until she is ok and knows she is safe. I want her to be educated and have new and fun experiences daily no matter how messy. But most of all I want her to be nurtured through all her milestones within the facility. This is what I expect for all the children within LWICD, and no less. Working in special needs and with foster children I have learned that every child has different needs, and it is our job as their caregivers to find out those needs. LWICD should be a safe and comfortable environment for every child within our care. I am a strong believer of Conscious Discipline, and Social Emotional Activities. My goal is to have most of our staff trained in these areas to help their classrooms succeed even more!
I want to thank all the parents who have had or currently have their children enrolled with us. If you ever find you have any comments, questions, or concerns please let me know. I am always available Monday-Friday through email, phone and app messaging.
Mrs. Aubrey Carter
Carter Family