new hire

New Hire? Complete the steps below

We are so excited you have taken the leap to join our work family! In order to get started, click one link at a time to complete the requirements.

Job Acceptance and Training Forms Instructions

  • Complete the forms
  • They will be emailed to us.

Arkansas State and Federal Criminal Background Check Form Instructions

  • Reason for Background Check: Child Care - Facility / Provider
  • Child Care Facility: Look What I Can Do Learning Center OR NurtureSchool
  • Facility Number: 28690 (LWICD) or 31331 (NS)
  • Your name MUST exactly match your Driver's License
  • Your birth date MUST exactly match your Driver's License
  • The forms will be emailed. Print and we will notarize them for you when signing..

Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry Form Instructions

  • Select "You are a potential or current employee of a child care facility..."
  • DCCECE Information:
  • Facility Name will be either Look What I Can Do OR NurtureSchool
  • Facility Director will be Tiffany Sharp
  • Facility Phone Number will be 870-934-0322 (LWICD) OR 870-336-0300 (NS)
  • Facility Email will be
  • Facility Address will be 8531 Hwy 49 North Brookland, AR 72417 for LWICD
  • Licensing Specialist is Chasity Mathis in Craighead County
  • Facility Number is 28690 for LWICD or 31331 for NurtureSchool OR 2110 Grant Avenue Jonesboro, AR 72401 for NurtureSchool
  • Your addresses must go back at least FIVE years. If you do not remember addresses, make sure to list at least 5 years at the addresses provided. This is very important!
  • If you have children, social security numbers must be provided.
  • The forms will be emailed. Print and we will notarize them for you when signing.

Arkansas Professional Development Registry (PDR) Instructions

You will need to be assigned a PDR number for the State of Arkansas. If you have previously worked in child care then you might already have a number assigned. Try to do the application and if it says an account already exists, the number provided on the application to see if they can assist you.

Once obtaining a PDR number, write it down and save it in your cell phone as a "contact." You will frequently need this number through out your employment.

Arkansas New Staff Orientation Instructions

This class is the most important and is mandated by the state for all child care workers.

You will use your PDR number to register for this course. Once registering, check your email. You will receive an email from Rebecca Dunahoo at ASU. Click the email and click the link to verify you received it.

Within 48-72 hours, you will receive a second email listing your username and password. When you get that email, take the course as soon as possible.

The certificate will need to be printed and provided for your personnel file.

Arkansas Mandated Reporter Instructions

  • Register
  • Take the course
  • Print the certficate for your personnel file

Staff Handbook Quiz & Parent Handbook Quiz Instructions

Use the handbooks located at the top of this screen within the "Staff Dropbox Folder."

Take the quiz & write down or take a picture of the final result.

New Employment Paperwork Instructions

Complete the employment paperwork and ensure NOTHING is left blank. Use N/A if an item does not apply to you. The paperwork will automatically be emailed to us when submitted.


Websites for Professional Development Courses

Every year our staff needs to take 30 hours of approved professional development courses. These are a few websites you can obtain courses from!