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Lindsey in Jonesboro, AR *****
My son has been going to LWICD since he was 18mos and he is now 4 years old. We LOVE this place and I will hate for him to leave it. He learns so much. He was using sign language before he was even talking. Even now, he is learning well beyond what I ever imagined. My sister in law is a kindergarten teacher and has said my 4 year old knows more than some of the children in her class. He will be well prepared when he finally does move up. Even with personal things, they have been a huge help. We have had so many changes in our family and when it was time for him to move up, the owner came to me and asked if it was ok if they held him in his class until 2 spots opened in the older class so that his best friend could move up with him to ease that transition for him. The teachers are outstanding. I cant sing the praises of this establishment enough. Thank you for loving my baby just as he was your own!! You all have been a blessing!!
Felicia in Jonesboro, AR *****
We had just moved to Jonesboro and I knew nothing about daycare centers around the area. LWICD was a suggestion from a friend and so I came out to see the facilities. I am so glad I did! LWICD makes me feel safe and easy as a parent knowing that my child is being taken care of. All the teachers and other staff are so helpful and warmhearted! I am so glad we found such a great daycare on the first try! You hear awful things in the news these days, and it is truly a blessing to have such a caring facility who is passionate about children and thoughtful towards their parents. LWICD provides a clean, safe, and fun atmosphere to make any working parent comfortable with leaving their child there. Thank you!
Danielle in Jonesboro, AR *****
LWICD is a wonderful establishment. My son loves Mrs. Tiffany and all the staff. They always took extra time to make sure my little boy was taken care of and happy. We were heartbroken when we moved. It's not everyday that you find a daycare or childcare provider, that treats your child as if they were their own. Love the LWICD family and miss them all.
Kelly in Jonesboro, AR *****
Our daughter has been going to LWICD since she was 7 weeks old. She recently moved up to her new classroom and it has been very hard on both her and I, as is typical for adjustments in routine and familiarity. Her teachers from the infant classroom Ms. T and Ms. C have been such a blessing and help to both of us during this transition. Ms. C has gone to peek in on her on her own lunch break to make sure she was adjusting well and Ms.T met us over there one morning just so my daughter would have a familiar face in a new classroom. I am forever grateful that they were placed in my daughter's early life and to be honest, a little sad they can't go with her! LWICD truly hires the best possible to watch our most valued treasures in life. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
Kodi in Paragould, AR *****
I toured multiple daycares in the area as I'm super picky and we just moved to the area from NC! When I walked into LWICD I knew it was the "one". B just finished up his first week there and it was a little tough on him and the teachers. As we came to the end of the week, B would get excited as we walked in the door. They have continued to work with him. We love the director and staff. Thank you LWICD for making sure us parents don't stress as much when dropping off our children!
Jessica in Paragould, AR *****
My daughter has been going here for almost a year and we have love it! The owners and staff are very friendly, trustworthy, and dependable. We highly recommend this learning center to anyone!
Elizabeth in Brookland, AR *****
LWICD is fantastic. As a first time mother, I was scared about using a day care. I had no other option though as I have work and college while my husband is also a worker. We tried another day care, and they told us after a week that they just could not watch my son anymore. This was because my son was crying a lot. My son was crying because he did not yet feel safe. When he started at LWICD,he was the same way. He was not comfortable at first. However, the staff did not give up. They loved on my son and gave him all the needs that he needed. Now, when I drop my son off, he never cries. He does so well with them because they proved to him that they would take care of him. I cannot even begin to express how amazing the staff at LWICD has been to my son and my family.
Kelly in Jonesboro, AR *****
As a first time Mom this whole "daycare thing" is very new to me. Upon touring LWICD I was very impressed and knew this is where I wanted my daughter to go. Tiffany was so nice and the facility was very clean and "busy" in a good way.
When I brought my 7 week old to her first week of daycare, I was completely comfortable by the end of the week because I knew she was in loving, caring hands. Never would I imagine how much my now-4-month-old daughter loves her daycare! She smiles at her teachers every morning when I drop her off. We are pretty sure she smiles more at them then she does at her Mom and Dad!
This is a no-brainer 5 star daycare and I am so very thankful we found this place. I can't wait to watch my daughter grow and learn here!
Jennifer in Brookland, AR *****
With my first child I tried several daycares. I was a picky first-time mom and wanted the absolute best for my child. Once I got to my second child, I realized that my focuses were not what was best for my child but more so what was best for me. I don't truly care about convenience of location or whether everything is perfect or not. I completely changed my thought process on touring daycares for my second baby and in doing so found LWICD! We have been so pleased with the staff and their honest love for my children. It isn't often that you find a day care center that not only teaches the children with high standards in mind but also who provides top notch care while still genuinely loving what they do each day! After two years and now a third child on the way we have no doubt on staying with this daycare center. There are a lot of options when it comes to daycares but LWICD is definitely the best! We recommend LWICD to everyone we know!
Staci in Jonesboro, AR *****
My daughter has gone to LWICD since she was 8 weeks old. She is now 2 and loves going to "school!" She surprises me on a daily basis with the things that she learns there. I love that there is a structured curriculum. LWICD goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and create a happy atmosphere. We are happy to be a part of such a wonderful place.
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