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Cheyenne in Lakecity, AR *****
Enrolling my children in this daycare has been the best decision!! Both of my boys love it!! They interact with the children, they actually learn stuff here instead of just sitting infront of a tv all day. My boys have shown tremendous changes in the few months they have been going here! And i am so thankful for this daycare!
Emily in Brookland, AR *****
After a really bad in-home daycare experience for two weeks, this first time momma enrolled my sweet son in the LWICD Program. His development has been amazing. Here's so much happier and I feel so much better and know my baby is being well taken care of. It is so hard being away from your little one and trusting someone else with such a big portion of his life, but LWICD has made that such an easy transition. I cannot say enough good things about this daycare or how valuable the peace it brings to me during the day knowing my baby is doing great and is well taken care of is!
Nicole in Paragould, AR *****
What do I love about LWICD? I love that on a Monday my child would skip around everywhere on his letters and by the weekend he's singing the ABC song from start to finish with no mistakes! My three and a half year old can now spot and trace his name along with working on spelling it to others! The teachers put their all into teaching the children and their efforts show! I'm a proud Mom to two LWICD children!
Brittany in Jonesboro, AR *****
Peace of mind for a momma, away from her two babies in severe storms, is HUGE. Look What I Can Do Learning Center, LLC provided just that this afternoon. I received several text messages that they were watching the weather and that the babies would be moved if necesary to the safe room. Not once was I in fear for my babies. Like many times I've said before, if you are looking for somewhere for your babies, LWICD is just top notch in my books! Thank you to all the staff for giving us all that peace of mind each and every day!!
Josh in Jonesboro, AR *****
Thank you Look What I Can Do Learning Center, LLC for making our children's safety a priority. As the tornado warnings came out and rumor of one on the ground nearby, I knew my children and I were safe because you all had us in your safe rooms! Your staff was great, had all of the kids calm and did what it took to make sure the parents understood why we didn't need to leave.
Rebecca in Jonesboro, AR *****
LWICD has been an answered prayer for us! My daughter has been going for 4 months now and we have seen such a big change in her. We pulled her from a child care center right down the road from us after seeing the difference in the care given at LWICD. She went from being stuck in a bouncer every day to being interacted with, engaged in play, getting outdoors time, and loved on! It's worth the extra gas and time, and we truly believe her teachers love her and care about her well-being. That's priceless to us! She has blossomed. LWICD is clean, well-organized and ran, and has the best staff. Our daughter gets so excited approaching her classroom and always is ready to see her teachers! We are so thankful we found LWICD!
Savannah in Jonesboro, AR *****
Joining the Look What I Can Do team in 2015 has been the best decision ive made for my life. I love all my coworkers and my sweet babies so much. Definitely the best choice for childcare. :) Let Ms. Savannah spoil your small child. :)
Tiffany in Brookland, AR *****
My daughter attended LWICD from the first week of it's opening until graduating Pre-K. She always had a pleasant experience and loved her school family and friends. She recently was tested for her 6-week assessment in Kindergarten. Not only did she meet all of the goals but she also tested much higher than the assessment calculated. She is already sounding out words on a 3rd grade level, doing some 1st grade math, and has a spoken vocabulary of such maturity. I can not take all of the credit because I know LWICD and its staff have molded my child into a small young lady with an intelligent future ahead of her! Thank you for all of your hard work and never ending love!
Candace in Brookland, AR *****
We had a great experience with LWICD! My daughter started kindergarten and was very sad to leave lwicd. If you are looking for more than a daycare this is the place for you! My daughter learned so much here. Lwicd was much more than I expected. I expected my child to learn while attending but I never expected her to learn as much as she did, I was truly amazed. All of the staff was super nice & understanding and would do anything they could to accommodate your needs as a parent. They also offer tours at anytime. You don't need an appointment just walk in & they will take you to the classrooms & let you see the interactions between the children & teachers. I highly recommend LWICD for your child.
Lindsey in Jonesboro, AR *****
My son has been going to LWICD since he was 18mos and he is now 4 years old. We LOVE this place and I will hate for him to leave it. He learns so much. He was using sign language before he was even talking. Even now, he is learning well beyond what I ever imagined. My sister in law is a kindergarten teacher and has said my 4 year old knows more than some of the children in her class. He will be well prepared when he finally does move up. Even with personal things, they have been a huge help. We have had so many changes in our family and when it was time for him to move up, the owner came to me and asked if it was ok if they held him in his class until 2 spots opened in the older class so that his best friend could move up with him to ease that transition for him. The teachers are outstanding. I cant sing the praises of this establishment enough. Thank you for loving my baby just as he was your own!! You all have been a blessing!!
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